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About Digital Suede

Digital Suede is a jazz-fusion band from Johnson City, Tennessee. We are a group of great friends who love music and love creating it. Follow us on social media to keep up with the band and to get an inside look!

James West - Bandleader, Composer, Guitar

Growing up surrounded by the music of the ‘90s, James developed a passion for music and a desire to play a good tune at a very young age. Learning to play every guitar lick from Nirvana to 311 as quickly as he could and playing in multiple bands with his friends was only the beginning. In 2009 he took his love for the guitar to the next level by pursuing his Bachelors of Music at East Tennessee State University and then his Masters in Classical Guitar Performance at Appalachian State University shortly after. He now teaches in his hometown of Johnson City, Tennessee, both privately and at the college level. In his free time he pursues his passion for composition and love for music by writing songs for people who love a good beat, like you.


Eric Feltman - Bass

Named after guitar hero Eric Clapton, Eric grew up in a musical family and was exposed to music of all kinds early on. In middle school he began learning guitar, spending hours playing along to Led Zeppelin records every day after school. Eric first picked up the bass when his high school jazz band unexpectedly needed a bass player. He went on to minor in music at ETSU, performing in ensembles on various instruments including trumpet, guitar, and bass. He stayed at ETSU to get a master’s degree in counseling and currently works as a mental health therapist at the university with college students. While his career in mental health pays the bills, performing live music will always be his first love.

Daniel Couper - Keys

The realization that songs could be written by regular folks was a slow but significant turning point in Daniel Couper’s life. Having grown up around various flavours of church music (in Canada, to boot), Daniel first tried his hand at songwriting in high school, aiming to create a space for doubt, frustration, loneliness, and hope. He acquired an undergraduate degree in psychology and vocal music from East Tennessee State University, where he further developed the sensitivity, skills, and confidence that would serve as a foundation for his extensive music production and performance. He released his first solo album, Bienvenue, while in graduate school for teaching, as well as a follow-up EP called Epilogue later that summer (both available on major streaming services). The solo project has since grown into an eclectic indie folk group called The Keep, which Daniel fronts with his songbird of a wife. Though these and other musical pursuits keep him busy, he still finds some time to teach high school English and snuggle with his cats.


Colin Jeffress - Keys

Leading all the way back to his earliest memories, music has always been one of the most significant sources of joy in Colin’s life. Beginning his musical training at the age of three, he has since always strived to immerse himself in every new instrument, genre, and experience he can get his hands on. He’s found immense enjoyment and opportunity, performing locally as a Cellist, Keyboardist, Bassist and Drummer,  and has also had the pleasure of expanding his skill set, creating side projects as a producer and engineer. He is so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such talented individuals, and is excited for this next chapter in his musical adventure.

Tuck Ledbetter - Drums

Growing up immersed in music, drums came naturally to Tuck. Picking up grooves by ear from drummers such Bonham to Stubblefield, he learned over time, through listening to and learning from others, to play the drums. He attended Science Hill High School where he was a member of the percussion ensemble and drumline – performing at both the Percussive Arts Society International Convention and the Midwest Band and Orchestra Convention. At Science Hill he expanded his knowledge of musical – specifically percussion – theory and refined his playing. He studied drums for a short while with former ETSU professor of percussion Dr. Rande Sanderbeck and is currently attending ETSU as a major in something he isn’t quite sure of yet.